Morten Jay

Morten Jay

Morten Jay is a Danish bass player who has played with top international acts such as Robben Ford, Zucchero, Michael Ruff, Joan Osborne and many more.
Morten has been touring for more than 30 years – and nationally, he has played with most of the major artists – including bands like Michael Learns To Rock, Big Fat Snake and Sanne Salomonsen … to name a few.



BAS1 Bass Preamp – The life changer

About eight years ago, Morten met Steen Skrydstrup, founder of Caveman Audio, and that was a game-changer for Morten.
Steen introduced Morten to his audio-system philosophy, and a journey towards being in control of his sound began.

The first project was changing the built-in preamp in his Sandberg bass guitar.
Steen developed an active circuitry that gave his bass more punch and tone without the noise.

Soon after, Morten was introduced to the first version of the BAS1 Bass Preamp (when it was called Skrydstrup BGS2) and the Skrydstrup Bass Growler (Overdrive/distortion unit).
Morten was blown away when he heard his bass sound in the PA and monitors!

“With the Caveman Audio Bass Preamps, you get a state of the art bass preamp – and it’s all analogue. It makes my bass sit in the mix, with all the definition and dynamics I could wish for. Suddenly every note stands out clearly. The top frequencies don’t interfere with the guitars or the vocals – and the low frequencies blend in perfectly with the kick drum.”

Morten Jay
Morten Jay-Bass rig

“The BAS1 Bass Preamp is a state of the art analogue bass preamp.
It makes my bass sit in the mix, with tons of definition and dynamics.”

-Morten Jay

Morten’s musical journey

Morten has been touring in Denmark with so many great artists. Here’s a few of them:
Sanne Salomonsen (1999-2006), Nikolaj Steen, The X-Factor Orchestra, Julie Berthelsen, Kira Skov, Det Brune Punktum, MOMB, Poul Halberg, Peter AG (DK), Caroline Henderson, Pernille Rosendal, Søs Fenger, Al/Kuku Agami, Jimmy Jørgensen, Sten Jørgensen, Ole Kibsgaard, Aske Jacoby, Per Chr.Frost, Ida Corr, Daniel, Karen Busch, Kristine Blond, Zididada, Østkyst Hustlers and many more.

Countless musicals are also on his CV during the last 15 years – including Dirty Dancing, Hair – and many others – and he has extensive TV work experience (Danish television – live shows).

In 2017, Morten toured with Joan Osborne, and many of the concerts were recorded live.
You can hear some of the songs from the tour in live versions on the album “Songs For Dylan”.

Morten’s basses

Morten’s main basses are the Sandberg California JJ Hardcore Aged Masterpiece 5-string bass and the Rahbek MJ 5 Custom Build bass.
Morten uses Elixir Strings on his basses.

Morten Jay basses-2


Amplifier & Cabinet

Morten uses the Aguilar DB 750 amp with the Aguilar DB 810 bass cabinet for large venues, a TEC AMP Puma 900 with a Bergantino CN212 cabinet for medium venues and finally, the impeccable AER Bass Two combo for smaller venues.

Morten Jay Bass Rig 2

Learn more about Morten:

Niklas Schneidermann

We met up with guitarist Niklas Schneidermann from Magtens Korridorer in the band's rehearsal room in Copenhagen (September ’21). He kindly showed us his rig and demonstrated some of the settings he uses, when playing live with Magtens Korridorer. Niklas' main piece of gear is his 3 channel tube amp, that he uses for three different types of overdrive sounds.

The amplifier & cabinet

Niklas is an avid Caveman Audio user and has multiple custom-made products from Steen Skrydstrup. Niklas has been playing the VOX AC50 amp for many years. Three years ago he decided to shift to the Skrydstrup TD50 Triple Drive amp. Last year Niklas tried going back to the Vox amp, but quickly realized that after playing the Skrydstrup amp, there was no turning back. - It simply sounds better!

Niklas is getting his dirt sounds from the amp, which has three levels of overdrive. Channel 1 ranges from fat and warm clean tones to gentle overdrive, Channel 2 goes from fast overdrive tones to high-gain bliss, and finally, Channel 3 takes you from a punchy-power-chord type of sound to screaming high-gain lead tones.

The Skrydstrup TD50 Triple Drive is now called Caveman Audio X3 - 3 Channel amp. The name is new, but the amp is the same. The guitar cabinet used is a Caveman Audio 412-V30 Cab.

Niklas Schneidermann-Magtens Korridorer-1
Niklas Schneidermann-Magtens Korridorer
Niklas Schneidermann-Magtens Korridorer

“For the past three years, I have needed to have my Skrydstrup amplifier with me, because it just sounds fantastic - even when I play it!”

-Niklas Schneidermann (Magtens Korridorer)

Niklas’ favorite guitars

Niklas uses a variety of guitars, but mainly uses three types, when playing live with Magtens Korridorer.

His main guitar is the Fender Custom Shop Esquire Telecaster, which has an old beat up look. He also has a spare Fender Custom Shop Esquire Telecaster, this one with fancy gold paint.

Niklas’ latest edition to the guitars, is the Fender Jazzmaster Firemist gold ’65 that he purchased last year.

Also added to the guitars that will be going out on tour shortly, is the Fender Custom Shop LTD 60 Strat Relic in shell pink finish and a rare Vox Mandoguitar from the 60’s.

Niklas Schneidermann-Magtens Korridorer
Niklas Schneidermann-Magtens Korridorer

"Back to basics - just with great sound”

-Niklas Schneidermann (Magtens Korridorer)


Pedals & effects used live

The switching is controlled by the SC1 Midi Foot Controller from Caveman Audio. Niklas appreciates the noiseless switching he gets when using the SC1 controller, opposed to a regular pedalboard. Niklas likes to keep his setup simple and does not have a lot of pedals. These are the pedals that he uses live:

Caveman Audio TRM1 Opto Tremolo

2x Caveman Audio BOS1 Boost 28 booster pedals

Boss DD-5 Digital Delay

Strymon El Capistan Tape Echo

Niklas Schneidermann-Magtens Korridorer
Niklas Schneidermann-Magtens Korridorer

“The great thing about the SC1 Midi Foot Controller, opposed to using a regular pedalboard, is that you can get the sounds from all your favorite stompboxes without all the noise and the hiss”

-Niklas Schneidermann (Magtens Korridorer)


Custom-built products

Niklas is using a Skrydstrup custom-built interface in his rig. When playing live he also uses a Skrydstrup Input Selector as well as a Skrydstrup Acoustic Preamp, to make sure his acoustic guitar sounds right when playing live.

Niklas Schneidermann-Magtens Korridorer
Niklas Schneidermann-Magtens Korridorer

Niklas Schneidermann's Gear