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We are constantly developing new low-end gems, expanding this category continuously.

Compressors, overdrives, amplifiers and other tools for the Bass Universe will soon see the light of day.

BAS1 Bass Preamp Rack

BP1 Compact

BP1 Compact crams the essence of our beloved BP1 Bass Preamp into a compact stompbox format.

BP1-Bass Preamp

BP1 Preamp

The perfect 1073-inspired preamp pedal for any bass player seeking studio-quality sound on the stage. 

BAS1 Bass Preamp Rack

BAS1 Preamp

All the features you could possibly need in a single bass guitar system: Our very best preamp, Parallel Compression and EQ.

BAS1 Bass Preamp Rack

BC1 Compressor

BC1 is not like the standard bass compressor pedal. Not by a longshot!