S T E L L A R   B A S S T O N E .
P U R E   C R A F T M A N S H I P .

N O   M O R E   L O W-E N D   N O I S E,  H U M ,
L O S S   O F   T O N E   O R   I N S T A B I L I T Y .


Bass Preamp

BP1 is inspired by the legendary 1073 preamp design. Then we took that preamp and surrounded it by genuine audio transformers, a dedicated input buffer and impedance correction on the FX Loop.

 In short: Zero sonic compromises. Pure definition in the low mids that will make your bass sound sit perfectly in the mix and with tons of dynamics.


Bass Preamp

 BP1 Compact crams the essence of our beloved BP1 into a compact stompbox format and you get the core tone and extremely low noise level at  a much smaller footprint – and price!

BP1 Compact and the original BP1 Bass Preamp sound very similar, yet each has a sonic flavour of its own. We like to think if them as to distinct flavours of sonic greatness – and there is definitely a place for both.