BOS1 Boost 28

BOS1 Boost 28 Pedal

28db of boost + zero change of tone = a smooth live experience! 


DST1 Distortion Pedal

Extremely dynamic in-your-face distortion with the dynamic flavors of a cranked tube amplifier.

TRM1-Opto Tremolo

TRM1 Opto Tremolo Pedal

The sound of an old tube amp tremolo, but with a modern twist and none of the hiccups of fragile vintage gear.

BUF1-Dual Buffer

BUF1 Dual Buffer Pedal

Ensures a constant load on your signal at all times, making your guitars sound as if connected directly to the amp. 

ODF1-Overdrive Fuzz

ODF1 Overdrive Fuzz Pedal

Remarkably tube-like overdrive sound with extreme dynamics – and a touch of added fuzz for extra flavour.


COM1 Opto Comp Pedal

Organic guitar compression that makes your guitar sit perfectly in any band setting – small, large or huge!



ODR1 Overdrive Pedal

Dynamic overdrive with natural harmonics right at your feet.